Asomkriti primarily narrates a beautiful tale of the culture of Assam and other North-eastern States of India. 

Located amidst lush green meadows in the Himalayan foothills, Assam is known for its picturesque natural beauty and rich culture. Not only is it globally known for its exquisite tea, Assam also boasts of skilled weavers and craftsmen. The tireless efforts of these talented artisans breathe new life into Assam's Pat silk, Muga Silk, other hand-loom products and handmade Jewelry.

With Asomkriti, while we strive to introduce the rich culture of North-east to the mainstream India, we also endeavor to do our bit for the glorious handloom and handicraft Industry of India which is the second-largest employment provider for the rural India.

Our fashion space encompasses a unique, handpicked and contemporary designs, keeping intact the authenticity and beauty of handloom and handicraft products.

We keep expanding our product lines, replenish continuously and also add new inventory very frequently. Relish your love for handlooms and explore the beauty of Northeast India at the comfort of your home.

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