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Top 10 Ethnic Dupattas to own this winter


Indian fashion is incomplete without mention of gorgeous dupattas. It is a ‘close to our heart’ piece in our closet, with absolute capacity to blend in as both ethnic wear with Salwar kurtas and also as western wear with our favorite pair of denims. We love our net and georgette dupattas. We adore our chiffon and cotton silk dupattas. But handcrafted Indi dupattas definitely have special places in our heart. They reflect our deep rooted rich Indian culture and passionate artistry of the talented artisans of our country.

We present you top 10 handcrafted classy dupattas which reflect class, art and utmost creativity in both aesthetics and creativity made with nature friendly fabrics.

Eri Silk Dupatta:

Eri silk dupatta

Eri Silk is one of the most precious silks in India found in Northeast India. The name Eri is influenced from assamese word era which means castor, the silk worms are the creator of eri silk by feeding on castor plants. Eri silk is also known as endi or errand in India. Eri silk is also widely known as Ahimsa silk or fabric of peace because it doesn't involve any killing of the silk worm while making of eri silk. That's why eri silk is called one of the purest and nature friendly form of silk. People feel pure when they wear eri silk dupatta or other cloths made by eri silk.

The natural texture of eri silk is light golden brown. Eri silk dupatta or other cloths made of eri silk is darker than other silks and amalgamate well with cotton and wool. It is very strong, long lasting, and elastic and due to its thermal properties it's warm in winter and cool in summer. Eri Silk dupattas are classy, warm and can be worn with both ethnic Indian dresses and also with western dresses. Shop for authentic Eri silk Dupattas directly from the weavers from Assam here

Chikankari Dupatta:

Chikankari dupatta

Chikan is a famous traditional embroidery from Lucknow. Keeping in mind the place of origin, Chikankari dupatta is also known as Lucknowi Chikankari dupatta. Chikan embroidery is mostly done on fabrics like silk, cotton, chiffon, semi-Georgette, pure Georgette, crepe and any other fabric which is light and which highlights the embroidery.

Tepchi work one of famous form of stitching work is used in chikankari embroidery. The other name of tepchi work is tipkhi stitch. This stitch is mainly used to design outlines as well as fill between two parallel lines in a pattern. This is especially darning or running stitch worked on the right side of the fabric. In this style threads are woven in single rows at a time along with the grain of the fabric.

Shop for beautiful Chikankari dupattas here

Linen Dupatta:

Linen dupatta

Linen is one kind of an organic thread which is made from the fibers of the flax plant. The fiber of linen is very strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton and it is laborious to manufacture. The Linen dupatta and other Garments made of linen are unique, extraordinary and looks cool and fresh even in hot and humid weather. Due to environment friendly nature, Linen is widely used in manufacture of various garments like Sarees, Shirts, and Stoles etc. 

There are so many products which can be made by Linen like towels, dupatta, aprons, men's and women’s wear and many other clothes. Linen does not produce lint and it is long lasting resists moths, sheds. Linen dupatta or other cloths made of linen is very comfortable for warm weather. Shop for super soft Linen dupattas here

Katan Silk Banarasi weave Dupatta:

Katan Silk Banarasi weave Dupatta

Katan silk is a type of silk that is created by twisting together fibers to create a more athletic and durable fabric. Katan silk banarasi dupatta is one of the famous and easily identified fabrics because it has unique and elegant look because of its gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and sumptuous embroidery makes it unique and different. Banarasi weave katan silk Dupatta or saree known for its comfort, softness and versatility.

Pom Pom Dupatta:

pompom dupatta

pic source

The sound pompoms, generally we imagine fuzzy spongy ball of wool which we like to play with. What it if they come on your stoles or at the edges of dupattas?

The pom pom tassle basically done by hand and very versatile, it can be worn as a dupatta, scarves and shawls.  

Kalamkari Dupatta:

Kalamkari dupatta

pic source

Kalamkari is a type of block-printed or hand-painted cotton textile. Kalamkari is complex techniques figurative and narrative painting done by pen (kalam) which is entirely hand worked, using natural dyes on cotton fabric and produced by states of India, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana.

Kalamkari dupattas look best with kurtis or plain kameez and denim for women.

There are two types of Kalamkari art in India, Masulipatnam Style and Sri Kalahasti Style.

Ikat Dupatta:

Ikat Dupatta

pic source

Ikat is a dyeing technique used to resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. The patterns are formed by binding individual yarns with a tight wrapping applied which are then altered to create new patterns and dyeing to form new images.

Ikat dupattas are the most comfortable and neither too bright nor pompous yet so sophisticated.

Madhubani Dupatta:

Madhubani Dupatta

pic source

Madhubani art is done with fingers, twigs, nib-pens, brushes, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments, and is characterised by eye-catching geometrical patterns. Madhubani Painting has provided a perfect euphoria to lots of art lovers and fashion enthusiasts.

Madhubani dupatta has obtained an enormous popularity not only in Indian women but around the globe. 

Tussar Silk Dupatta:

Tussar Silk Dupatta

pic source

Tussar silk is also known as Tassar or wild silk which is collected from forest silkworm when cocoons are dried under the sun. Tussar silk is very famous for its natural Gold color. The flower design and the shape of leaves and leaflets, buds, bels, trees are source of inspiration for tussar silk. 
Tussar silk dupatta is suitable for events like festive times, religious events Marriage functions.

Kantha Embroidered Dupatta:

Kantha Embroidered Dupatta

pic source


Kantha is a type of embroidery which is famous in West Bengal, India. The technique in this style is known as ‘running’ stitch and if you see thoroughly the work of Kantha silk dupatta, you will notice that the paints, prints and images depict the world of Vedic times.
If you are planning to hang out in any art exhibiton, casual meet ups, social gatherings and religious events, Kantha silk dupatta is perfect and suitable for kurti and cropped pants.

 Shop for authentic handcrafted dupatta here

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