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Sarees for Rainy Season


Sipping a hot cup of chai or coffee with a plate of pakkodas while watching the rain pour is something to be experienced not expressed. With cute and colorful umbrellas and rain jackets/coats everywhere monsoon adds color to our gloomy days. However getting wet in the rain can be a chaotic when not wearing the right kind of fabrics. Yet we have saree enthusiasts experimenting sarees for every season.


Let’s check out some of these sarees apt for monsoon season.



Cotton is monsoon friendly, especially to escape the humidity. Another reason to choose cotton is because it dries up quickly and doesn’t soak water. And we all know the comfort of wearing cotton clothes. So cotton saree is a yes for this rainy season.

Eg. Like Mul cotton

Extremely soft and light weight, Mul cotton is one of the best choices rainy season. Mul sarees can help you keep the sweat at bay and help you to blend perfectly with ease.


assam silk

Yes, you heard me correct silk. Silk can add color to the cloudy dull day. Since it is available in different varieties such as art silk, crepe silk, cotton mix silk or tussar silk you have a wide range of options to select from. Even it gets wet it is easy dry up.


georgette saree

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Georgette sarees are a good option for everyday wear during rainy season. Georgette sarees are lightweight, comfortable and available in many styles and colors. These casual sarees are a good choice for daily wear, office wear for the monsoon season.


chiffon saree

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Chiffon is a flowy material and comes in vibrant colors which you and their loose material don’t stick to your body. Chiffon is rain friendly as it dries up in no time, even if you get wet. Experiment with dark colored sarees and give your pastel love a rest during rainy season.

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