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Introducing "Assam Silk" from Sualkuchi


Apart from being a scenically alluring place, Assam also boasts of rich heritage and culture. Traditional Mekhela Chadar weaved from Assam Silk is simply unparalleled. It is easy to wear, comfortable and looks very elegant. 
Assam Silk majorly comprises three types of Silks, Muga Silk, Paat Silk and Eri Silk
Muga Silk
Muga Silk is a very special product and a pride of Assam as the Silkworm from which it is made from can be found only in Assam. It is produced from the larvae of Silk worm, Antheraea which is organically reared due to insensitivity towards any kind of Chemicals and in turn producing materials of very high quality and of fine glossy texture.
It comes with natural golden brown color since the Muga yarn cannot be bleached or dyed due to low porosity. Due to extreme effort and care required in making one pair of Muga Silk Mekhela Chadar, it is very costly. The most interesting part about the Muga Silk is that it becomes more and more lustrous with time.
Mostly worn during traditional Bihu celebration, Muga Mekhela Chadar gives a very royal look. Even though hand wash with cold water can be done and it can be shadow dried, the preferred way of cleaning Muga Silk is dry cleaning.
Pat Silk
Pat Silk is Off-white in color and it is also known as Mulberry Silk. In order to prepare Mekhela Chadar or other forms of garments of varied types of color, Pat Silk is bleached with colors according to the requirement. Like Muga it is also of very high quality and strikes a very superior sheen. 
A moth which feeds on a plant known as Nuni (white Mulberry plant) is used for preparing Pat Silk. 
Everyone looks very elegant and stylish in Pat Silk garments. Similar to Muga Silk it can also be hand washed using cold water but dry cleaning is preferable.
Eri Silk
Eri Silk is made from the Silk-Worm called Samia cynthia ricini which feeds on leaves of Castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). Due to its warm and soft nature it is largely used for Shawls and quilts.
Apart from the above 3 mentioned Silks various other types of Silks are also used for making Mekhela Chadar. To name a few, the widely used duo are Raw Silk (Kesa Pat) and Tassar Silk.
Sualkuchi, The Manchester of Assam
Sualkuchi is a must visit place in Kamrup district of Assam situated on the North Bank of River Brahmaputra and around 35 km from its major city Guwahati.
Sualkuchi is filled with talented bunch of Weavers and almost every house in the place boasts of handlooms weaving beautiful Mekhela Chadars, Sarees and other dress materials. Due to its bloom in the field of cottage industry, it is also known as Manchester of Assam. The products of Sualkuchi is of high quality, genuine and trademarked as SUALKUCHI’S
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