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Top five Eco-friendly Fabrics

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Linen is one of the most eco-friendly natural fabrics. It is because the cellulose fibre to make the fabric is obtained from the naturally grown flax plant. Flax plant needs lesser water and energy to be grown than any other man made polyester, and even its contemporary, cotton plants. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave waste material behind. Thus, it produces an arguably the strongest and the most durable, biodegradable and recyclable fabric. Shop for organic Linen fabrics here

Recycled cloths

khesh cotton
Recycling is one of the most sustainable ways to preserve our environment. It can be any kind of recycling like, recycling of paper, recycling of metal, bags including fabric. The uniqueness of Famous Bengal Khesh cotton is due to the fact that the fabric is made out of recycled cotton fabric.

Khesh fabric is woven in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. The process of weaving is simple yet gives an excellent outcome. The warp is with new yarn, which is either cotton or a combination of silk and cotton. The weft is with strips of thin recycled cotton sarees. 

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Organic cotton

assam saree
During the growth process of normal cotton plants, various pesticides and chemicals are used for enhancing the process. In turn, it is not very friendly to the environment. On the other hand no pesticides or chemicals are used to grow organic cotton. When it comes to cotton, there is always a certain amount of harm to the environment due to usage of various dyes. However, usage of organic cotton is always preferred for the sake of healthy environment. In order to contribute towards the environment more we can always opt for organic natural colour cotton garment.


Theoretically, Cashmere is Tree hugger’s ideal natural fibre. It produces extremely versatile and long lasting garments. It is eco-friendly and cruelty free alternative to silk. There are few negative sides about the wool industry due to competition and pressure to make profits. They end up treating the sheep like commodities. However, act of shearing wool from sheep is not harmful in itself. In fact, similar to how human being like to be groomed with good shave and regular haircuts, removal of large amount of wool from sheep is good for them ensuring them clean mobility and less susceptible to predators.

 Eri Silk

eri silk

“Eri silk” also known as “Ahimsa Silk”. This silk is a blessing for people who believe non-violence means avoid using products made by killing animals. Buddhist monks in India, Nepal, China, and Japan prefer Eri silk because of its non-violent nature. Eri silk gets its name from Assamese word “era” which means “castor”, as the silkworm feeds on castor plants.Eri silk is very durable and strong used to make winter shawls, jackets, sari, dress materials because of its thermal properties and soft texture. Now a days it is used to make home furnishings like curtains, bed covers, wall hangings etc.Shop for Eri Silk here


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