Summers are synonymous to childhood nostalgia for all of us. It reminds us of our summer vacations during school days. Trips to grandma’s house. The smell of freshly ground spices from the kitchen, the sound of leaves ruffling through the soft wind during the sunny afternoons, the scent of newly bloomed jasmine flowers and among all these we as kids clasping our grandma’s freshly starched cotton sarees and following them everywhere, they went. This train of thought is incomplete without a million colours coming to our minds which reminds us of summer. 


Summer evenings brings in the light jasmine scented breeze. Be it the flowers blooming by the sidewalks or the ladies donning them on their hair. Similarly, none of the Assamese weddings are complete without a white and golden mekhela chadar, Bengali Durga puja without laal par saree (white with red border sarees), Kerala weddings without traditional white and golden kasavu set mundu or saree. A white mekhela chadar or saree just adds more purity and divinity to the auspicious events like weddings and the related functions. 


Red, the colour that brings energy and vibrance in us. It reminds us about the most delicious watermelons that calms down us from all the summer heat that would have engulfed us. A lot of Indian weddings happen during the summer seasons and it goes without saying that red is considered the most auspicious colour to be dressed in. Wearing a red colour saree or a red mekhela chadar during the wedding is a sure shot way to grab attention from everyone around.


Pink is a colour that is a hot favourite among all ages. Like bougainvillea flowers that grows in all shades of pink on the walls of our homes without permission, it’s hard to not notice them. Same goes with a lady who would walk in dressed in a pink cotton saree or a pink mekhela chadar. Be it a baby pink cotton saree or a hot pink mekhela chadar or even a mangenta pink silk saree, we are sure to win some hearts there.


linen dupatta

When we have all soothing colours, there is also a colour that gives us our energies back, the colour of a firecracker flower that is seen being sold during the summer evenings. Though orange is not a very easy choice for most people due to its intense brightness, there is a new shade that makes a woman carry her saree more confidently – Burnt Orange Colour. A beautiful lightweight orange cotton saree or an orange mekhela chadar is the new trend that is sweeping everyone off their floors. They are a perfect wear for any morning weddings.



Summer noons and the smell of ripe yellow mangoes. That is the happiness we get when we wear a beautiful yellow saree. Be it a lemon-yellow cotton saree or a golden yellow mekhela chadar, they can be worn at any morning functions during the weddings.



mishing design mekhela chadar

Sky is clearest and at its blue best during the summers and so is our mind during the summer vacations. Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, these days we have at least ten shades of blue which can be shown instantly. Be it sky blue, Prussian blue, peacock blue, royal blue, turquoise blue and many more. If we are looking for a secret to grab some eyeballs at an evening party or function, it can be done simply by wearing a bright blue saree or a royal blue mekhela chadar.


Mishing mekhela chadar

In India the onset of summer brings in new leaves on the trees. The brightly coloured leaves bring in a lot of freshness to our mind and gives us some cooling hopes from the scorching heat awaited. Similar is a feeling when we drape a beautiful mehendi green cotton saree, a parrot green mekhela chadar or a bottle green silk saree. 

Kaziranga Assamese saree

Wisteria, a summer flower that grows like a creeper on our walls and has a life of two or three weeks. Similar is the place of the colour purple in our lives. While our wardrobes are dominated with a lot of pinks and yellows, we have very few purples in our collection. It goes without saying that draping a purple saree or a mekhela chadar is a sure shot winner at any event.

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Kavitha Sreekumar Baptist


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