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Beautiful Tale of Handloom


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Handloom being as old as mankind itself, requires revival today. Textile which is essential part of our everyday life and this necessity was fulfilled by handlooms where cloth is woven by hand. It is one the ancient family-based tradition in India.

Handloom is not just source of livelihood but is form of an art to showcase weaver’s unique creativity and skill. Handloom industry is 2nd largest industry in India after agriculture industry serving as job provider to the rural community.


A ‘handloom’ a fabric woven on loom which is manually operated without making use of electricity. Weaving is mainly interlacing of two sets of yarn the wrap (length) and weft (width), the machine that aid in interlacing is called as loom. Looms hold the wrap threads in place as the weaver wefts threads through them. Depending on the weaver and requirement he/she can choose different colors to create distinguish patterns. They have the freedom to change the method of weaving to create peculiar texture and patterns.

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Every woven fabric tells the tale of its weaver. They say fabric is the reflection of weaver’s moods, thoughts, feelings and passion etc. Whenever a saree or cloth is woven, it is said that a master piece is created, depicting the laborious work put in by the weavers.

assam weaving

Indian Handloom played a major role in our freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi launched Non-Cooperation movement and urged Indians to wear hand-woven khadi. Today we have dire need of such movements and urge people to use products made in India.

Being eco-friendly handloom industry can help is preserving our environment as well as an age old artistry form which is also energy saving. India Handloom depicts rich culture and vividness in our diversity. From East to West and North to South handloom is the heart India and as a matter of fact different sect of people as represented by their weaving style. For example: Maheshwari Handloom from Madhya Pradesh, Ikat from Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh, Muga Silk from Assam, Banarasi from Varnasi, tant cotton from West Bengal etc.

This Handloom day let’s do our bit in restoring the environment by using environment friendly fabrics and thus keeping our ancient traditions alive. Let’s applaud all the weavers who have still kept the tradition alive and giving us master piece to add to our collection.





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